UAE commercial documents legalization

UAE provides expedited embassy legalization services for commercial documents destined for use in the United Arab Emirates. Both Certificate of Origin (CO) and Commercial Invoice (CI) are required for any export shipment to UAE. We offer expedited certification from Akin Gump and legalization from embassy of UAE in the United States including processing embassy fees through MOFA electronic payment gateway. The average processing time is 7 business days.

Service requested TotalFee
Service fee $100
Akin jump $70
Embassy of UAE for Commercial Invoice $43
Embassy of UAE for Certificate Of Origin $43
Total $256

  • Price is estimated based on a single page Certificate of Origin and a single page Commercial Invoice.
  • UAE embassy estimates Commercial Invoice legalization fees based on the total amount of the Invoice.

How to request Expedited UAE Embassy Legalization for Commercial Documents?

The commercial documents are Certificate of Origin (CO) and Commercial Invoice (CI) . Both certificates are mandatory for customs clearance of any export shipment from the United States to the United Arab Emirates. Customers must ensure that each certificate is properly filled and signed by a senior company agent, then you may send us your document to begin the authentication process, which includes Akin Gump certification and UAE legalization. Prepare a package and include all the following items:

  • Commercial Invoice and Certificate of Origin.
  • Your payment confirmation, or billing request.
  • A completed request form that include your contact information.
  • A prepaid self-addressed return envelope.
  • Mail all previous items to our address at:
U.S. Arab Chamber of Commerce

1330 New Hampshire Ave. NW, B1

Washington DC - 20036

T: (202) 468-4200


U.S. Arab Chamber of Commerce at:

330 New Hampshire Ave. NW, B1 Washington DC - 20036

T: (202) 468-4200


Toll Free: 1-800-343-0302