Premium Residency Visa

The Premium Residency Center was established in conjunction with a Royal decree, with the
approval of the Council of Ministers, on the Premium Residency System. It is an independent
administrative and financial agency, associated with the Economic Affairs and Development
Council. The system coordinates with all sectors and state agencies to implement the Premium
Residency System, which is distinguished for those who wish to obtain a distinctive
residence in Saudi Arabia through its electronic services system, its various departments,
and its direct contact with customers from everywhere.

  • After receiving approval of your application, you must bring all your documents and
    passport to the Saudi Embassy in Washington DC, or to the nearest Saudi consulate, to
    receive the Visa.

Adding a Newborn to a Saudi Residence Card


  • Original passport valid for no less than six (6) months, with at least two (2)
    successive empty visa pages.
  • Copy of both parents’ passports, residence cards, and exit/re-entry visas.
  • Copy of the baby’s birth certificate.