US Arab Chamber of Commerce – USACC

US Arab Chamber of Commerce (USACC) is a national Chamber located in Washington, DC, with
branches offices in Texas, Florida, California and New York. The Chamber has been serving
the U.S. business community by boosting the bilateral economic relations between Saudi and
the United States.
It also affixes the great seal of the chamber documents destined for use in Saudi . The price
is $35.00 per stamp.

Examples include

Legalization of Export Document

Examples: Certificate of Origin, Commercial Invoice, Power of Attorney, Affidavit,
Certificate of Good Standing, Articles of Incorporation, Certificate of Formation, Bank
Statement, Agreement, Contract, TUV Certificate, ISO Certificate, Technical Datasheet.

Federal Document Legalization

Examples: Certificate to Foreign Government, FBI Background Check, Certificate of
Exportability, Free sale Certificate issued by FDA, Certificate of Pharmaceutical products.
COPP – Foreign Manufacturer

Legalization of State Certified Documents for Saudi

Examples: Documents certified by local Secretary of State office in all 50 states,
including California Secretary of State, Florida Department of State, Alaska Lieutenant